About Society

The Saudi Arabian Cardiac Interventional Society (SACIS) is home to all interventional cardiologists in the Kingdom. It serves as a vehicle to deliver the latest science and controversies. More importantly, SACIS is the hub for each and every operator in the Kingdom whereby SACIS seeks to sponsor research projects, elaborate guidance statements, promote education and explore novel technologies. SACIS aims to ensure that projects are inclusive with representation from all regions and centers as well as from diverse group of operators with different interests and levels of experience.

Under the umbrella of the Saudi Heart Association (SHA), the primary objectives of SACIS are to harness the collective efforts of practicing and training interventional cardiologists in the Kingdom and forge collaborations both regionally & internationally to propel our field forward by the following initiatives:

SACIS aims to partner with national, regional and international bodies & societies to provide training opportunities and continuous medical education through
proctorships, scientific forums, grand rounds, regional chapters and catalogued SACIS Virtual Cathlabs.

SACIS will elaborate a regular newsletter, The SACIS Tribune, to dissect current data, share cases and technical tips as well as announce society sponsored events. A digital platform to debate and discuss late breaking trials will be launched, The SACIS Lens. Finally, SACIS will also provide an Arabic infographics aimed to improve patient awareness.

SACIS will encourage research endeavors. It will also identify and prioritize research needs. Several projects are underway and SACIS is sponsoring them from inception to completion.

In collaboration with other societies & authorities SACIS will prioritize guidance
statements depending on practice needs & disseminate them widely. Several projects are underway and SACIS is sponsoring them from inception to completion.


Wail Kashgari President

Fawaz Al-Mutairi Vice President

Mirvat Alasnag General Secretary

Faisal AlGoofi Member

Hamed AlGhamdi Member

Nabeel Ismail Member

Saleh AlShalash Member

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