National Interventional Cardiology Club, NICC

The Saudi Arabian Cardiac Interventional Society (SACIS) and the National Heart Center- Saudi Health Council (NHC-SHC) is pleased to announce a new initiative, under the title: “National Interventional Cardiology Club, NICC”. The initiative will be a collective of regional meetings held every two months for each region. These meetings will be focused on discussing interventional cardiology cases.

The organizing committee will be lead by Dr. Rasha Al-Bawardy and Dr. Saleh Alshalash.

The target audience is: interventional cardiologists, fellows and staff physicians, nurses, technicians and radiographers. The meeting will be physically attended by each region with an additional virtual attendance from outside the region. The cases will be recorded and uploaded to the SACIS website. The best case from all the sites, decided by a group of experts from SACIS, will be awarded by the end of the year.

The regional chapters and their leaders will be:

  1. NICC-Abha. Leaders: Dr. Mohammed Alahmari and Dr. Bandar Alghamdi
  2. NICC-EPIC, East Region (Biggest and most established group). Leaders: Dr. Khalid Al
    Faraidy, Dr. Faisal Alqoofi and Dr. Hamed Alghamdi
  3. NICC-Jeddah. Leaders: Dr. Rasha Al-Bawardy and Dr. Almoutassim Trabulsi
  4. NICC- Madinah. Leaders: Dr. Faisal Al-Nasser and Dr. Ahmed Alahmadi
  5. NICC-Qassim. Leaders: Dr. Abdulaziz Almukhlaf and Dr. Yasir Bashir
  6. NICC-Riyadh. Leaders: Dr. Ayman Alsaleh and Dr. Ahmed Alshehri

The initiative is open for expansion to include other sites in the future.


  1. Discuss challenging, interesting cases
  2. Networking event for local interventional cardiology community


  1. Venue: hotels or meeting rooms outside hospitals.
  2. Duration = 1 hour to discuss 2 cases: 30 minutes for each case presentation and
    discussion. Exact timing to be decided by regions (i.e. in Jeddah 9pm-10pm). Dinner to be served at the same time or afterwards.
  3. Prefer to alternate weeks between sites to enhance virtual attendance by other regions
    • Wednesday Jan 4th – EPIC
    • Wednesday Jan 11th – Jeddah
    • Wednesday Jan 18th – Abha
    • Wednesday, Feb 1st – Riyadh
    • Wednesday, Feb 8th – Madinah
    • Wednesday Feb 15th – Qassim
    • Cycle will repeat every 2 months
  4. 6 sessions per each chapter to be held on average once every 2 months
  5. Participants: regional speakers and promote inclusivity of all local interventional cardiologists. Leaders of each chapter are responsible for organizing 2 speakers for each session, IC fellows welcome to participate as speakers. Avoid having same speaker more than once in a year unless in a small area with limited interventionalists.
  6. Meetings are sponsored by Medtronic.
  7. As regional leaders you will send invitations to all the local attendee and arrange the
    speakers for timely advertisement.

Your support and participation are well appreciated,

National Interventional Cardiology Club, NICC
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